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January 30, 2013

Professional Photography

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I provide professional photography services for most types of events.  With over 16 years of audio visual experience, years of experience as a wedding videographer and a degree in electronic media, arts and communications from RPI, I have the experience needed to create high quality and affordable memories of your event.

I built my wedding videography business on high quality video with a focus on staying out of the way while still getting the job done.  I bring the same skill and care to event photography.  As a software architect by day, I don’t have to charge the exorbitant amounts many photographers charge when they have to make a living off their work.  It let’s me give you compelling deals with permissive rights that avoid the frequent issues with unexpected high costs after the event already occurred.

I currently work with the high end Canon 5d mark iii camera body with a Canon Rebel xTi as a backup body.  I shoot with Canon lens in the L and just below L series.  I have the high end Canon Speedlite 600ex-rt with a remote controlled speedlite 320 for portrait and flash photography needs.  The 5d mark iii is also a reigning champion of low light photography when flash is not an option.  I also have redundant power options to ensure plenty of power for even the longest events.

For weddings I can operate either as a reasonably priced contractor where you get unlimited rights to the raw images after the event.  I offer a discounted option for photo touch up and will work with you to get any touched up photos ready to be printed by a printer of your choice.  (I can provide recommendations for printers based on your needs.)  I can also act as a freelancer for a very small fee and then offer a bundled price to purchase unlimited rights for individual touched up images.  Again, I can work with you for getting any prints of photos I touch up at cost from a printer that will meet your unique needs.

For other events, rates are negotiable depending on the needs of the particular event.  Please feel free to contact me at aj@ajhenderson.com for additional details or simply for general advice on how you can best address your photographic needs.


Sample Gallaries

Terra Nova Men’s Retreat (minor to moderate touch-up performed)

5D Mark iii Demo Shots (no touch up performed, as shot)

Additional samples are available on request.


While it is still a work in progress, I have introduced a new site for the photography business specifically at https://ajhendersonphotography.com

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