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September 30, 2002

Paintball Commando, Lost Keys and Car Troubles

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Well, last week was interesting.  The good news is I played my first two games of paintball ever last (over a week ago) Sunday.  Don’t ask me if it hurts to be hit with a paintball, I still don’t know:).  I got the game winning hit on the second game and I didn’t even get splatter on my clothes.  Now the bad news, I couldn’t find my keys after paintball.  Even worse, my laptop was locked to a folding table.  So, I had to borrow the table from the camp I was as and bring it home until I got a replacement key on Wednesday.  Then the next day at school I accidentally forgot to put up my hangtag for an hour and I wound up with a No Permit ticket for $36.  Now more good news, the ticket should have been for “Hangtag not properly displayed,” which is only $11, so I can get the ticket waived completely because they screwed up.  Then, this past Sunday we used Scuba gear for the first time in class.  It was really cool.  Breathing under water for the first time wasn’t as weird for me as most people say it is.  I guess maybe I have just a little too much faith in technology.  Though as long as it works, what do I care.

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