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August 14, 2007

A New Beginning

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Well, unfortunatly Sythesis Software lapsed on its registration and I lost it to a domain camper, but I’m not to disappointed as I have long since given up on wanting to start a video editing/computer graphics software business.   As of May 7th, 2007 I am now engaged to the ever beautiful Danielle Dignon.  I have also given up on the Coast Guard a long time ago as I realized it would take me away from Danielle and wasn’t all that worth it.  Danielle got discharged from the Air Force for medical reasons and we have been playing World of Warcraft together.  (We have a level 70 warrior and druid on Eonar.)

 I have been working for Applied Underwriters, a company that specializes in workers compensation insurance and payroll services for small and medium size businesses, for a little over a year and have already been given system admin duties at our office as well as being in charge of a section of one of our applications.

I just got this new domain yesterday and have migrated my old site to WordPress to encourage more updates.  I have also been working with Dan Horning from www.americandigitalservices.com and www.planetnoc.com on several PHP based development projects.

Overall life has been going pretty well and I am really looking forward to going on vacation tommorow with Danielle’s family to Delaware to visit her Uncle and Cousin and then on to New York City for a couple of days.  I am also really looking forward to our wedding, tenativly scheduled for June 7th, 2008 (6/7/8, yes, we’re that dorky).  Hopefully I will be updating this more now that I have a better system in place.  Until next time…

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