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October 4, 2010

Horray for Car Repairs

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Well, finally got around to replacing my worn out tire and turns out the ball joint was bad as well.  I guess that isn’t too surprising based on how badly worn the single tire was and the fact that I’d been driven in to a curb by a pickup truck.  Overall though, the cost wasn’t too bad and the ZX2 has had so few maintenance problems it was really due for something.

September 27, 2010

New Phone Again

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This time I’m switching to an Android Samsung Galaxy S.  I was up for an upgrade and wanted to get a smart phone for Danielle.  Verizon had a buy one get one free deal going on the Galaxy S, so I decided it was finally time to jump ship from Windows Mobile since Microsoft has effectively abandoned the platform with their move to Windows Mobile 7 being on a completely different base code and being much more anti-power user like iOS.  So far the experience has been really good.  The phone performs way smoother with more memory to run apps and a faster processor.  I’ve found apps to do virtually everything I did with the Touch Pro 2, though I did lose global capability.  I’ve got it nicely rooted and able to do what I want with it and am quite pleased.  Now time to learn the inner workings of another system.

June 28, 2009

Car Repairs and Check Engine Lights

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Well after getting a check engine light after a repair on Danielle’s car and realizing that there isn’t really an easy way to trouble shoot the issues without an OBDII scanner, I went out and picked one up. Turns out it was the o2 sensor causing the issues so I got a new one ordered from rock auto and should end up saving around $100 on the repair. (another repair like that and I’ll actually break even on the scanner). So if you need to know what your check engine light is on for and you’re around here then give me a hollar and I can probably check it out for you.

June 7, 2009

Disney Vacation

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Just got back from Disney and celebrating our 1 year anniversary today. We got a crystal laser engraved with Danielle and my photo in 3d at Epcot.

May 27, 2009

iPod Touch

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So aparently there is an app for the iPod touch to be able to directly update a blog, so I have updated WordPress and installed the app on my new iPod. In other news, I am going to Disney at the end of the week as a combination graduation present for Danielle and 1 Year anniversery. Work has been crazy lately with deadlines coming up, but it is also rewarding. That’s it for now.

November 12, 2008

Adobe Master Collection and other Cool Stuff

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Well, I guess I haven’t been much better about keeping this new blog up to date.  A whole lot has happened since my last post. I have changed jobs, my old job is no more (after I left), things are much better work wise and I really enjoy working at Pearl Carroll & Associates.  I have been very happily married for over 5 months now and just yesterday finally started getting around to working on my photos.  (Thanks to getting Lightroom 2.  1168 photos are hard to go through otherwise.)  I should have a gallery up on The Henderson Wedding soon. 

I have also just obtained the CS4 Master Collection and have been messing around with it.  I am actually writing this post from within Contribute and I’m hoping it won’t mess things up too badly when I try to post this article.  Oh yeah, I also left my former WoW guild over issues that we couldn’t resolve and have started a new guild called House of Pain along with two of my friends from PIF.

September 24, 2007

Coworkers and a small world…

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Well, I learned once again what a small town Clifton Park really can be.  A few weeks back I realized that one of my co-worker’s Chris Nawrot was a year ahead of me at Shen and while we didn’t share any classes, we were going in and out of a room at the same time.  Then this week I found out that another one of my co-worker’s Jackie Chen is related to two classmates from high school.  I guess it just goes to show that even though many of those I know have moved on, Clifton Park still is proving to be its own little small world.

August 23, 2007

New Design

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Well, I finished moving the old site to a new location.  For the sake of archiving, the old site can be found at http://old.ajhenderson.com, but I will be hosting this blog on http://www.ajhenderson.com from now on.

August 16, 2007


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Vacation is going well.  We got to Delaware just fine.  We’ve been enjoying time on the beach and I’m actually not completely white anymore.  (Who ever thought that would happen?)  We’re celebrating Tim’s birthday today with his Uncle Neil and cousin Lex.  It should be fun, but I have to get going now to make it to that.  I might be able to get on more later now that I know the hotel has wireless.

August 14, 2007

A New Beginning

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Well, unfortunatly Sythesis Software lapsed on its registration and I lost it to a domain camper, but I’m not to disappointed as I have long since given up on wanting to start a video editing/computer graphics software business.   As of May 7th, 2007 I am now engaged to the ever beautiful Danielle Dignon.  I have also given up on the Coast Guard a long time ago as I realized it would take me away from Danielle and wasn’t all that worth it.  Danielle got discharged from the Air Force for medical reasons and we have been playing World of Warcraft together.  (We have a level 70 warrior and druid on Eonar.)

 I have been working for Applied Underwriters, a company that specializes in workers compensation insurance and payroll services for small and medium size businesses, for a little over a year and have already been given system admin duties at our office as well as being in charge of a section of one of our applications.

I just got this new domain yesterday and have migrated my old site to WordPress to encourage more updates.  I have also been working with Dan Horning from www.americandigitalservices.com and www.planetnoc.com on several PHP based development projects.

Overall life has been going pretty well and I am really looking forward to going on vacation tommorow with Danielle’s family to Delaware to visit her Uncle and Cousin and then on to New York City for a couple of days.  I am also really looking forward to our wedding, tenativly scheduled for June 7th, 2008 (6/7/8, yes, we’re that dorky).  Hopefully I will be updating this more now that I have a better system in place.  Until next time…

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